Onsite SEO Scanner

TraffikCo’s Onsite SEO/UX Scanner is a tool that helps User Experience UX Designers Locates scripting performance issues and overall User Experience performance failures.

It works like this: Our system combines our 64 point SEO inspection geared towards mobile first indexing with our automatic keyword ngram analysis. We use this data to build out a fourier transformation of your content to weight pages independent of how much traffic they receive. With this, we can go deeper, and go into why.

With Onsite SEO/UX Scanner, it’s now possible to get insights irrelevant of traffic and get into the question of “is it good?”, we use this data as a source of truth for building out eCommerce Product Feeds, Sitemaps, and content plans that work based on what is true, rather than what “should” be true.

Without Onsite SEO/UX Scanner, marketers and designers are going to continually make the wrong decisions simply relying on raw traffic numbers. Good content will never get a chance due to simple UX errors. Feeds and Sitemaps will often be inconsistent with the manually created plan or the assumed truths.

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