eCommerce Product Feeds

TraffikCo’s Ecommerce Product Feed Management is a tool that helps eCommerce Marketers Automatically build, or augment existing product feeds for complete product information. This is particularly useful for Wordpress and Magento, or with hosted platforms like SquareSpace and Shopify where there are often limited options to build or manage a product feed.

It works like this: TraffikCo uses it’s existing market intelligence database, combined with it’s monitoring of your content and traffic to build complete, optimized, competive, high-margin product feeds and automatically uploads your product feeds to Google Merchant Center and Bing Merchant Center.

With Ecommerce Product Feed Management, it’s now possible to automate product feed optimization.

Without Ecommerce Product Feed Management, marketing teams will struggle to get the most margin and best market share without hundreds of hours of labor every week. Marketers will run the risk of missing out on optimal pricing strategies and make inadvertently end up selling products far lower than their competitors during high-demand periods.

Product Feed overlayment

fine tune Product Catalog control

full parameters

content shaping

Index monitoring

automatically request validation of fixes

automatic Feed submission