Youtube Content Planning

Video ideas and showmaps with a recommended release schedule

Automatic SERP Management

Automatically identify your keywords, competitors, and compare the elements contributing to SERP competition at a page level.

Onsite SEO Scanner

Locates scripting performance issues and overally User Experience performance failures.

eCommerce Product Feeds

Record information about your customers. The person can be individual or linked with the company.

Google Merchant Center

Account records is an organization customer. The record can be connected with almost every module.

Youtube Placement Analyzer

Automatically find opportunities for ad placements on the Youtube Advertising network.

Google Ads Analysis

Contains the detailed list of Products and Services.

Google Search Console

Register of invoices in one place. information about the statuses, products and services you provide.

Google Analytics

Tickets are any kind of customer service requests. Module helps to collect requests, inquiries and problems.