Google Merchant Center Automation

TraffikCo’s Google Merchant Center Automation is a tool that helps eCommerce Marketers describe task being accomplished.

It works like this: TraffikCo maintains your catalog on Google Merchant Center, looks for completeness in product records and compares attributes like cost, product description, and image to your competitors to position your products in the best light when in Google Shopping Ads.

With Google Merchant Center Automation, it’s now possible to upload google merchant center feeds automatically using our product feed template system. Your feed will automatically be compared against your competitors for things like completeness, price, image, attributes, and description to give you a competitive edge. Labels can be configured to be automatically added based on projected margin of an item to ensure that your products are always moved into the correct ad group in Google Ads.

Without Google Merchant Center Automation, marketing teams will struggle to get the most margin and best market share without hundreds of hours of labor every week. Marketers will run the risk of missing out on optimal pricing strategies and make inadvertently end up selling products far lower than their competitors during high-demand periods.