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We don’t just provide reporting like most companies, or tools are built to act first. Instead of just measuring page performance, we improve it. Instead of just analyzing text, we improve it. Anything we don’t already have, is just a phone call away from our Contract Engineering.

Stop wasting time, Start Earning

The Traffik Company comes with all features for bleeding edge traffik generation, and if something is missing then we will build it.

  • Easy to set up, improvements right out of the gate.
  • Our users loves us, and why wouldn’t they when we measure improvements in 100s of %
  • US engineering staff at your disposal

See why over 75,000 users use The Traffik Company

Youtube Content Planning

Video ideas and showmaps with a recommended release schedule

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Automatic SERP Management

Automatically identify your keywords, competitors, and compare the elements contributing to SERP competition at a page level.

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Onsite SEO Scanner

Locates scripting performance issues and overall User Experience performance failures.

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eCommerce Product Feeds

Automatically build, or augment existing product feeds for complete product information.

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Google Merchant Center Automation

Account records is an organization customer. The record can be connected with almost every module.

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Youtube Placement Analyzer

Automatically find opportunities for ad placements on the Youtube Advertising network.

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Google Ads Automation

Contains the detailed list of Products and Services.

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Google Search Console

Register of invoices in one place. information about the statuses, products and services you provide.

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Google Analytics Traffic Analysis

Tickets are any kind of customer service requests. Module helps to collect requests, inquiries and problems.

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The Traffik Company

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Customers reviews

It has made our sales department more effective and efficient. It's easy to use and it's constantly updated.

Mike ~NY Goods

BAP SAAS CRM is a powerful tool for our sales team - all of our important sales info is now streamlined and easy to act on.

John ~ BFG Data

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